As a small boy, Shah left a war zone to become a man on peaceful ground. Shah Tabibi, Afghan by birth, was brought to the Netherlands by his parents when he was four. His first memories are of his life in the asylum seekers' centre. In the meantime, more than 25 years have passed and Shah has not stood still. Literally, because he became a storyteller, a college teacher and a psychologist (MSc). This is Shah's life in a nutshell, but there is much more to tell. Through his stories, he takes the audience into the world of a little boy who has to rediscover his whole environment. He shines his light on Dutch traditions from the eyes of a child. Sometimes with amazement, always with humour and above all with compassion. Together with musicians Niek Hoevenaars & Nabil Mani he tells his story and explores the question: What makes us the person we become? Let Shah take you along in the scents and colours that can be tasted in his stories as a child in an Afghan house with a Dutch view.